Help our very own jobs and savor our video For the Consult 24/7/365

Help our very own jobs and savor our video For the Consult 24/7/365

DVD 400- NOW SHOWING- Grace is an amazing 21 year old model who has never had a short haircut. Tonight she will go from amazingly long to shaved smooth. AMAZING GRACE was enthusiastic throughout her haircut, and LOVES her newly shaved head.

The cost is actually $ four weeks (cheap). It’s actually less when you buy a single season membership- $twenty-five four weeks.

We found this «NEVER BEFORE SEEN PICTURE» of Sugar Pie in the moments before her THIRD HEADSHAVE ON DVD 310 (BEST DAY EVER!!) We hope you’ll enjoy the picture, and also enjoy the video anytime on the sub site. Here we see Sugar Pie relaxing before her haircut begins. In moments, Curly gives Sugar Pie an «EDWARD SCISSORHANDS» haircut with clippers, shaving off a YEAR AND A HALF GROWOUT!!

Appear to Molly advised Robin one she «Had to» shave their head, and is what Robin did!

THE DAY AFTER Sugar Pie’s THIRD HEADSHAVE we did ROBIN’S HEADSHAVE, done with RUTHLESS ENTHUSIASM by Sugar Pie with her freshly shaved head.

Frequently Molly told Robin you to she «Was required to» shave the girl head, that is just what Robin performed!

In this NEVER BEFORE SEEN PHOTO Sugar Pie drives the clippers like they’re stolen- the BBC (BIG BLOCK CHEVY) CLIPPERS go right down the middle as Robin watches in the mirror- VROOM!! GONE IN 60 SECONDS!!

Appear to Molly told Robin that she «Had to» shave her lead, which can be exactly what Robin did!

For those keeping score at home, Sugar Pie’s third headshave is on DVD 310 and Robin’s headshave (the next day) is on DVD 318. There are several versions of each on the sub site.

The price try $ 30 days (cheap). It is actually reduced when you get a one 12 months registration- $twenty five monthly.

Is Molly the most beautiful bald chick ever? We believe she would get a lot of votes, especially from Curly!! Read more «Help our very own jobs and savor our video For the Consult 24/7/365»