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Click right here for a helpful chart that offers dates for the totally different logos used. Note that the numbers on the underside discuss with mould numbers and not to mannequin numbers. This primary how much does sweetpea cost kitchen item brings up vivid memories for us of Mom canning within the kitchen.

With the experiment a success, the Ball Brothers decided to open their own glass jar manufacturing factory. They built a new two-story manufacturing unit to use as a stamping works, together with a one-story glassworks in East Buffalo, New York, in the early Eighteen Eighties. Well, imagine it or not, that wasn’t too long ago in actuality.

Dating the logo

Find out extra concerning the historical past and collectibility of those common jars. The Ball company says that this iconic blue shade was really created accidentally when the minerals in the sand combined and shaped this gorgeous hue! This sand was also utilized by glass companies similar to Pittsburgh Plate Glass and Hemingray Glass Co.

The Ball Company, originally established in Buffalo, NY moved to Muncie, IN in 1887 to higher benefit from the natural gasoline reserve and to develop their expanding enterprise. Jar collecting is certainly not an exercise the place one can acquire a varsity letter jacket, however nonetheless is a cool interest. Mason jars are molded glass jars used for canning fruits and vegetables and likewise used by moonshine makers. Production of Mason jars started around 1880 and continues at present. Older Mason jars are not recommended for canning as a result of the glass is prone to shatter; nonetheless, they can be collectible. The logo is the easiest way to date old Ball jars, but you might need to seek the advice of a worth pricing guide to search out out correct info.

Locating other identifying marks

The glass firm Hazel-Atlas, which is also identified for making Depression glass, began production round 1902. The Atlas Mason jars had been among a few of their most important merchandise. These previous canning jars are available a selection of different kinds and infrequently characteristic the Atlas identify someplace on the glass.

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Designed for high quality and a trusted seal, Ball canning jars hold contents freshly preserved and flavors scrumptious. Well, collectors and fanatics most definitely already know that the pale blue coloration is characteristic of vintage jars. According to Wikipedia, colored jars had been thought-about higher for canning use, as they block some mild from reaching the meals, which helps to retain flavor and dietary worth longer. More hardly ever, jars will turn up in amber, and infrequently in darker shades of green. Some unscrupulous sellers will irradiate jars to bring out colours not original to the jar.

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Newer jars were made by different companies after Hazel-Atlas stopped manufacturing them within the 1960s, but the oldest jars are among the many most dear. Ball Bros was the best-known fruit jar (canning jar) manufacturer on the earth, but in addition made all kinds of other glass containers for the packaging trade during its long history. (See this web page on Ball Perfect Mason jars, their best identified and most heavily-produced jar). A variety of separate buildings lined the grounds of the facility at the peak of their glass production.

Not to mention their enchantment as a collector’s merchandise which is nearly assured due to the good recognition of the older jars . Some devoted and skilled vintage jar collectors will say they assume the quantity 13 jars are just as frequent as jars as those with different numbers. There is a undoubtedly noticeable distinction in the numbers of #13-marked jars in comparability with the opposite numbers — they ARE somewhat less frequent. I’ve noticed this through trying on the bases of tons of if not thousands of typical Ball Perfect Mason jars while shopping at antique and collectible malls and flea markets over the past 20+ years.