New Sado maso Kink Dictionary, Terminology & Language List

New Sado maso Kink Dictionary, Terminology & Language List


Aftercare Whenever a scene is more than, aftercare ‘s the emotional and physical care that is administered, usually from the a leading that is used to stop way more serious psychological aftereffects. Best aftercare can help end a fall.

Years Enjoy When one person takes on an older character and you may one individual performs a young character, instance a father-girl condition.

Anal Education Staying more and more big items (always ass plugs) in order to increase new anal sphincter in preparation to possess items such as anal fisting

Comic strip Technique of animated cartoon designed in The japanese where some individuals find good fetish dressing up or having sexual intercourse having a partner who is dressed up because the a comic strip character

Animal PlayKink in which one lover, often the submissive pretends getting a pet often from the entertainment, education, grooming, and you will affection of Principal


Baseball Breaking Brand new operate of inflicting serious problems so you’re able to a good man’s vagina, both by the throwing, punching, slapping, caning, etc for their satisfaction

Golf balls Out High-risk Kink (BORK) permissive and excessively high-risk intimate habits. Differs from charmdate alternatif regular line enjoy for the reason that this type of gamble may have disastrous efficiency even after best gadgets repairs and techniques, there was nevertheless a primary risk establish. Read more «New Sado maso Kink Dictionary, Terminology & Language List»