Gay dating: 5 tips for men new to online dating

Gay dating: 5 tips for men new to online dating

If you’re a gay man looking to connect with someone special, you may be wondering how to get started with online dating? A great way to link up with like-minded men and find that most compatible of partners, online dating can be the perfect solution – whether you’re new to the dating scene, or have moved areas and want to meet up with other gay men near you.

However, if you’ve yet to try out gay dating, online methods can seem incredibly overwhelming, especially if you aren’t sure of the rules, etiquette, and language frequently used on gay dating sites. Here at Vivastreet, we’ve compiled a list of five helpful suggestions to get you started:

1. Select Your Gay Online Dating Website Wisely

Often the hardest step for most gay men is finding reputable dating websites to begin their search on. You may have heard of popular dating sites and apps but think they don’t all cater to gay men. While it’s true that the gay community isn’t always widely promoted by online dating sites, it doesn’t mean to say they don’t exist. With Tinder not suitable for all, here are a few places to search:

Vivastreet: One of the UK’s largest and free classified ads site, here you can access those gay male members looking to date similar men from areas all over the country.

Compatible Partners: Created by eHarmony to consider the growing number of gay and lesbian singles looking to connect, this popular and successful site allows the UK and further afield searches for your perfect partner. Read more «Gay dating: 5 tips for men new to online dating»